Originally hailing from Newcastle, in the United Kingdom, Mike Myers has been racing for over 20 years. Myers competed in AMA Pro Road Racing and has won multiple WERA national championships. Mike’s racing history also includes motocross and supermoto. He’s been friends with Colin since the beginning of their road racing careers. They both traveled the country and raced AMA Pro Road Racing events together. Mike is the Boot Camp Director of Operations.


Mike Myers (camp director) - Montgomery, TX

Joe Prussiano raced in the WERA Pro Series from 1992 to 1998 and won 14 National Championships in 600, 750 and open Superstock and Formula 1 and 2 sprints. Joe, along with his teammates, won the 97’ 600 Middleweight Superbike Endurance National Championship. He competed in the Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance race in 2000 and 2001. Joe won the Willow Springs 24 hour race twice; he’s a three-time Pikes Peak 450 Pro Class winner, and in 2006 was the Texas Flat Track series Open Pro Champion. Joe has taught numerous schools throughout his years in road racing. Like Mike Myers, Joe has been a long-time friend of Colin. He as well, traveled the country with Colin and Mike during their AMA Pro Road Racing careers. Joe is the site manager and lead instructor at TTBC.


Joe Prussiano III (lead instructor) - Conroe, TX

Steven has been riding anything with two wheels practically since he learned to walk. He raced motocross with Colin back in the day and has a true passion for motorcycles, racing and teaching. Bodak is the main-man behind the scenes at TTBC tending to the tracks and keeping them in world-class condition. He is also responsible for the building and construction of the Texas Tornado Boot Camp facility. Bodak also just happens to be one of the best novice instructors in the business specializing in teaching beginners.


Steven BoDak (instructor) - Willis, TX

Shea has a rich history in racing. From the age of 11, he raced motocross competitively. Fouchek spent the next six years traveling the nation racing amateur national outdoor events, as well as national indoor Arenacross races. He discovered road racing in late 2004 and by mid-2005 was granted an AMA Pro Road Racing license. In ’05, he raced for Safety First Suzuki, a satellite team based out of Chicago, IL.

Since becoming an AMA national pro in 2005, Shea has proven that he has the talent to race at the highest levels of competition. At the age of 21, Speed Channel deemed the young man from Texas as a “rising star” in the 2008 Pro

Honda Oils Supersport Championship Series. His 2008 season featured four top-ten results which included his strongest run of a 6th place finish in Virginia. Fouchek has raced for such top-tier teams/owners such as M4 Emgo Suzuki/John Ulrich and Erion Honda/Kevin Erion. In addition to his pro career, Shea has multiple national WERA and CMRA Expert Sprint and Endurance wins to his name. He is the “intermediate” level instructor at the Boot Camp.



Shea Fouchek  (instructor) - Austin, TX

2-Time and back-to-back AMA Flat Track Grand National Champion, Jake grew up racing Flat Track starting at the age of 5 and winning local races shortly there after. It didn’t take long before Jake was testing his skills at the Professional level, winning AMA Flat Track Rookie of the Year honors in 2002. Continued success came with wins in the AMA Flat Track Singles series followed by AMA Flat Track Singles Championships in 2006 & 2008. 2010 saw Jake crowned as the King of the Flat Track world as both the AMA Flat Track Twins Champion and AMA Flat Track Grand National Champion. Johnson backed that up with his 2nd AMA Flat Track Grand National Championship in 2011. He is currently racing in the AMA Flat Track series on a 450 single and a twin in the AMA Grand National Flat Track series. Highlights from the 2014 campaign included podiums in Daytona, Knoxville, Grays Harbor, Sacramento, Peoria, Virginia Mega Mile, Calistoga and Pomona along with “Dash For Cash” wins in Daytona, Indy and Calistoga.

Jake Johnson  (instructor) - Coatesville, PA

Cory began riding in the dirt at age 4 and quickly began entering and winning local races. He focused the early part of his amateur racing career in Flat Track culminating with racing in the Amateur National Flat Track Championships in 2000. At the end of the Flat Track season, Cory made a switch to Road Racing, later taking home AMA Superbike Rookie of the Year honors in 2004. His Road Racing career has now spanned 13 years in AMA and other Pro Organizations picking up 5 AMA podiums and 5 National Championships on a variety of machines and manufacturers. West has tested and raced for many well-respected teams such as Buell/EBR, M4/Team Hammer, Vesrah Suzuki, and RSRacecraft. Cory is currently competing in the AMA Superbike series racing for the Amsoil/Hero Factory EBR team.


Cory west (Instructor) - NW Arkansas

Sheila Paul, also known as “one of the boys,” has been riding motorcycles since the age of 17 and instructs novice students at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. She has served as VP of Racing 2 Save Lives (R2SL), a children's charity. Being a part of R2SL is what sparked Sheila's desire to race sport bikes. 2007 marked her first year as a licensed road racer with the (MRA) and Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA).  Sheila is an experienced “off-road” rider with skills in flat-track racing.


Sheila Paul (Instructor) - Montgomery, TX

Gale began his professional firearms career in the US Marines. At his permanent duty assignment with Marine One Security, he received combat handgun training with the M1911 pistol at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and recurring qualification with M16A1 rifle at the USMC sniper range; expert with both.

After discharge from the Marines, in 1987, Gale attended the Texas Department of Public Safety academy in Austin, Texas. There he received extensive handgun combat training at the range and in the field under day and night conditions. Gale qualified at the highest level, Master, twice every year for ten years; both with a mod 28 revolver and P220 pistol.

Gale continues to enjoy target shooting and teaching firearms safety and techniques. He lives in the Houston, Texas area and is an avid motorcyclist and amateur road racer.


Gale Tynefield (Firearms Instructor/range Safety) - Montgomery, TX

Tom is a Firefighter and Paramedic at the City of Sugar Land Fire Department with over 20 years of service.  Tom is also a local club racer and has been part of the CRRC and CMRA club racing circuit since 1987.  He also serves as an instructor for

Lone Star Track Days and can still be found at the local road racing tracks around Texas. Tom provides medical support at the Boot Camp and has been with us from the beginning since 2011.


Tom Anderson (Paramedic) - Houston, TX

Aaron Johnson has served Houston, TX as a paramedic for 4 years. In school full time at the University of Houston, he is majoring in criminal justice and economics and plans to join the military after his graduation. Aaron has been racing flat track

since eight years old and has been involved with the Boot Camp since 2013.



Aaron Johnson (Paramedic) - Houston, TX

“Doctor Henry” has been a part of the core Texas crew for quite some time as well, and may be the man most responsible for holding Joe P. together! Henry is the Associate Professor of Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery at The University of Texas and Practicing Surgeon with the Richmond Bone & Joint Clinic.Henry started riding at age 4 and later turned pro riding professional Supercross and TransAm series races from 1973-81. Not only does “Doctor Henry” know his way around Orthopaedics, but he can hold his own on a motorcycle as well and can often be seen out there mixing it up among the students at

any given camp.


Henry Small "Doc"  (Orthopedic Surgeon) - sugarland, TX

The Newtons are here to make sure you never go hungry while at TTBC. Preparing 3 square meals a day and keeping a variety of healthy snack options available makes them a pretty popular duo at the camp…or is it Jimmy’s World Famous Texas Pit Smoke BBQ? With a background in the food service industry and also being part of the local gang, they are sure to keep your stomachs satisfied during your stay!


Jimmy & Candace Newton  (Chefs & BBQ Pit Master) - Conroe, TX

Donna aka Colin’s mother–in-law, is one of the first people you meet when you arrive at camp, making sure you get checked in to your room and receive a gear bag with everything you need to get the adventure started. Donna also handles the accounting and other behind the scenes stuff as well as working with Jimmy and Candace on food prep and service.



Donna Henson  (Hospitality & Logistics Coordinator) - Willis, TX

Jim has been part of the core Texas gang since the early nineties with experience riding off-road and racing hare scrambles. Jim takes care of all our IT stuff at the camp from photos to video recording to Superpole results, swag bags, and awards along with contributing to TTBC marketing, promotion and web content with Shea…or fixing electronics that Mike breaks.



Jim Press  (IT Director - Photo & Video) - Katy, TX


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