Does TTBC provide a shuttle to and from the airport?


No, unfortunately due to the varied flight schedules, we cannot provide shuttle services to and from either airport. Car rental is available at either airport along with shuttle van and taxi services, we do, however, recommend that you arrange these prior to your arrival.



What airport should I fly into?


Houston has two airports, George Bush (IAH) and Hobby (HOU). IAH is a closer option to the camp, 44 miles from the camp whereas Hobby is 64 miles away. Yes, Houston is that large…



Will Colin be at all camps?





I am a street rider/racer, will a dirt camp really help me?


A majority of our clients are road racers. Having a full understanding of just what the motorcycle is doing underneath you is a skill all riders look for. At our camp you will be experiencing slick dirt tracks which are meant for truly finding the limit of grip. When grip is lost and then gained, we as a rider find the true understanding of bike control, throttle control and proper inputs for the motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle that is constantly moving around underneath you is “feeling” we want you to experience and get a grasp of at the camp. It is all about “feel” and all of this immediately transfers to the pavement.



I don’t even know how to start a bike, does TTBC teach beginning riders?


Absolutely! We have one of the best instructors around for beginners of all ages. Steve Bodak has taught every age beginner with great success. Beginners are taught in their own group at their own pace in a very individual style so that each beginner is not overwhelmed.



Will I get enough ride time at TTBC or is it mostly class style instruction?


Ha! You will be riding your butt off, literally! We will be riding a minimum of 6 hours each day which will be composed of instructional riding, free ride time and superpole. How much or how little ride time is really up to you.



What good will it do me to ride TTR-125’s in the dirt?


As riders we are always pushing the limits to gain new skills. The advantage of the smaller bikes is that everything slows down so a rider can learn new skills and techniques more effectively. We greatly reduce the risk of injury as compared to that of street racers at higher speeds



I’m a pretty hardcore racer who wants to improve my times, can TTBC really help me?


Most definitely! TTBC instructors consist of current world class riders, Moto GP, AMA among others, and former riders that now translate their skills as instructors. Our ultimate goal is to improve your riding skills and reducing lap times.



Can TTBC accommodate my whole family, even the kids?


Um, yeah! TTBC is family first, period. Many of our instructors have kids who are riders themselves and work the camp, prepping the bikes and gear. We feel strongly that riding can be a family adventure that brings everyone together and teaches kids both responsibility and respect.



I have friends in the area, can they come hang out at the camp with me?


We love spectators, but not at our camps. As much as we would love to have your friends out our first priority is safety as you learn. Friends tend to distract which is counterproductive. If you want someone to come watch you ride come join us for DirtWars!



Can I bring my own gear?


We offer top of the line gear as part of your registration, but also understand that some riders have an attachment to their personal gear. We do require that your gear is in good shape and that your helmet is Snell certified within the last 5 years. You must also have motorcross boots, pants, shirt, gloves, knee and elbow pads at a minimum. We can provide chest protectors and body armor if needed.



I know there is a lot to do at the camp, but my family is coming with me. Are there things to do in the area?


Yes, TTBC is just outside of Montgomery city limits and very close to Conroe. The Woodlands is just south and offers a great deal of activities from malls, to movie theaters and just about everything a “big city” can offer.



What if I am tired for the day and just want to chill, is that okay?


Absolutely, we encourage it! You know your limits and the camp is designed for you! Above all we want you to be safe and have a good time, you will never feel any pressure to continue if you are done.




What are the rules for the 2018 Mad Dog National?


We put together a document that contains the rules for the competition. To download, click here.



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