The Colin Edwards 4 Day Experience

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The Colin Edwards 4-day Boot Camp at TTBC is unlike any other riding school you’ve ever experienced. Upon arrival to the 20 acre YAMAHA motorcycle training facility, you're immersed into the camp. Food, lodging, motorcycles and gear are provided for an unparalleled adventure with the Texas Tornado himself – Colin Edwards. From then-on-out, the riding is nonstop if you choose…in fact you can ride late into the evening under our fully lighted and covered 300’ x 150’ arena.

Calling it a “Boot Camp” may be a bit misleading though…Texas Tornado Boot Camp is really more like a Motorcycle Amusement Park…and then some. Aside from the opportunity to ride until every muscle you know (and some you didn’t) are screaming for mercy, there are shooting sessions as well as a game room for some table tennis, pool or simply relaxing in the saloon. And did we mention riding motorcycles…where at any given camp you can find yourself on-track alongside some of the world’s top motorcycle racing professionals.

TTBC has a relaxed approach to its schedule of events and we publish a “Typical Agenda” but always adjust in order to customize the experience to what the campers want – more instruction, more drills…no problem; more competition, tt races, match races…again, no problem. But don’t get overwhelmed, if you’re not comfortable with a certain drill or activity you’re not required to participate. Each day has numerous events and special technique courses in which you can participate, or kick-back and be a spectator if you choose. The beauty of the Boot Camp is the freedom!

The Bikes

YAMAHA TTR-125s and TTR-230s are provided at the Boot Camp. You may ask the question, “What can I possibly learn on a small dirt bike?” Answer: It’s all about “feel.” Riding at or just over the limit of traction is what you’ll be experiencing on the multiple courses at TTBC. Our goal is to instill in you proper riding instincts while learning in a safe and controlled (slower speed) environment. Don’t let the slower speed fool you though…MotoGP, WSBK, Flat Track, AMA Motocross past and current champs have all felt the adrenaline rush during Superpole…

Did we mention adrenaline rush? Superpole is the camp’s benchmark way of gauging students’ individual daily progress and ensure you get your heart rate up. It’s an individual timed-lap that combines all three courses – the Arena, the TT track and the Oval.  Once a day, everyone lines-up to test their skills…just you against the course and the clock. Not only will you see your personal improvements, but you'll also see where you stack up against other students, instructors and professional racing guests in a one-off flying lap.

Dirt Wars is a test of skill. It’s a one night race under the lights at Texas Tornado Boot Camp. 36 riders compete on equally-prepped and provided YAMAHA TTR-125 machines. Each competitor has the opportunity to take a podium finish. Dirt Wars includes (2) practice sessions, (3) heats, an LCQ, C-Main, B-Main and A-Main event. Riders never race the same bike twice and never race the same person twice until the Main.

Dirt Wars is a purse-paying event–$135 to enter with payouts up to 12th place. Also included in the racing is the newly added, “Mad Dog” Open Pro-class with a $40 entry and a 100% payback throughout. For the Mad-Dog event, racers need to bring their own motorcycle.

Spectators are welcome! Bunk beds will be available in the Saloon/Bunk house overnight for a fee.


Mad Dog National Rules 2018: Click Here


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TTBC is a family-oriented place from the staff to the campers.  Children from ages 6 and up are welcome, we have instruction for first timers (yep…talking to you mom!) and mini-bikes 50cc up to 110cc are available.

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Colin Edwards

Colin is an experience unto himself.  At the Camp, you have the opportunity to learn from a 2-Time World Champion both on and off the track…but most importantly, you’ll have a ton of fun doing it! Just like the staff and family, Colin spends the entire 4 days at the camp…not just showing up for a 10-minute speech and a photo op like at other celebrity schools. Colin spent years honing his skills on dirt tracks which he credits to making him the racer that he is today. You’ll spend four days with him and his team of highly skilled instructors learning the ins and outs of riding and racing. His approachability and easygoing demeanor is something that makes the experience that much more enjoyable and one-of-a-kind. After a full day of riding and training, you can end your day with Colin and his instructors sitting around the campfire exchanging racing stories with the students.



We provide current and up-to-date “safety standard” gear for your use. We’ve partnered with leaders in the motorcycle industry: Arai Helmet Americas, SPY Goggles, SIDI Boots, Leatt Neck Braces, and Fly Racing Apparel to ensure your gear is not only top of the line, but also safe, clean, and ready for 4 days of use.


Super pole

Gun Competition

Target shooting is a passion of Colin’s. It’s also a great way to spend some down time in between the riding. Throughout the weekend, you'll have the chance to familiarize yourself with each weapon the Boot Camp has to offer. Of course, when at the Range, you’re under the watchful eye of Colin and firearms/range safety instructor, Gale Tynefield. After a couple of days familiarizing yourself with the weapons and getting some practice in, the 3rd day has the TTBC 5-Gun competition - a blend of target shooting with hand guns, shotguns and a long range rifle. During this event, students test their skills individually and are scored by marksmanship as well as time. On the final day, it’s time for the BIG GUN, the Bushmaster .50cal rifle. Anyone that has the courage to pull the trigger on this beast is welcome.



The Bikes

The Gear

Super Pole

Gun Comp

Dirt Wars


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