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Colin Edwards 1 & 2 Day Camps

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Looking for an experience you will never forget? TTBC offers 1-2 day weekend camps for all riding levels, whether you are a seasoned rider that wants to sharpen your skills or it’s your first time to throw your leg over a bike.  Our camps consist of brief classroom time to discuss the basics, but the majority of your time is on the bike, hands on, learning new skills. You are not going to get half a day of the dry boring lecture on a new skill rather you are going to be on your bike working through it. Don’t be surprised when one of our instructors pulls you over and jumps on the back of your bike to show you something new.

All of our instructors* are seasoned moto professionals with many years of riding and racing experience. They have successfully taught a wide range of camps from beginners to advanced professional racers, heck one camp was made up of a group of rocket scientists and an astronaut!

So what’s stopping you? 

What’s Included?

  • Yamaha TTR 50, 110, 125 & 230
  • Riding gear and safety equipment
  • Food and Drinks

Wanna know what the basic agenda is?

  • Classroom training on bike safety and techniques
  • Riding in our covered track
  • Classroom review morning ride
  • Lunch Break
  • Sharpening skills on the 1/8th mile track and TT track
  • Afternoon break
  • Evening ride under the lights
Hey Colin and the Instructors of TTBC!!
Thank you guys again for the amazing experience and the opportunity to learn the ways of the masters!!
You guys have helped me out tremendously and I’m able to apply these techniques to my racing in the CMRA, my instructing techniques at Fastline Mcs and Total Rider. You guys have really taught me to feel my way through the bike and understand geometry and suspension in a whole new way! I’m better on the brakes going into corners and much better getting through them as well, I actually started to pass riders mid corner in the Bus Stop at Hallett...I NEVER thought that would be possible!!
You guys rock and I cannot wait to learn more!!
Thank you again TTBC!!
— Anita Thomas

All this and it won’t break the bank!

  • One day camp $350/person
  • Two day camp without overnight stay $650/person
  • Two day camp with overnight stay $750/person
  • Group rates for camps of 10 or more, please call for details

Upcoming Camps: 

  • August 31st one day overnight Moto Camp

Deposit of $100 is all that’s needed to get you started!

 * Colin Edwards will not be an instructor at 1-2 Day camps