Registration for the 2015 TTBC camps is now available!

Colin Edwards' Texas Tornado Boot Camp

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"I have a master plan and have built a state of the art facility on 20 acres 40 miles north of Houston, TX. This camp is a one stop shop for all ages and skill levels to learn, practice and build your motorcycle skills in a fun atmosphere with top of the line equipment at the finest facility around. I know there a lot of riding schools out there but I want you to experience something different. Throughout the years I have been a guest instructor at many of the world's top dirt and street schools and I have noticed that they all have at least one thing in 5 o'clock the day ends and everyone goes back to their hotels and the fun stops. Not the case at Camp Tornado. The fun will go on well after 5 and riding will start again under the lights when the sun goes down. No hotels, no restaurant expenses, no gear or bike to bring, no other expenses...Period. We provide everything for an unparalleled experience.


Adventures at The Camp

I had the pleasure of attending the camp when Jorge Lorenzo and a few other motogp guys were there. Being able to start a story by saying “yea, and Jorge was riding within an hour of being stung by a scorpion” just doesn’t get any cooler. The level of intensity is fierce! but laid back all at the same time. Learning how to slide the rear wheel going in and coming out of corners was beyond fun! The best part was being able to transfer what I learned on the dirt to the asphalt. The TTBC instructors relay information on point and the drills help you become more proficient as a rider. Oh, and don’t forget about the “boomstick!” I had only shot a gun a handful of times growing up. By the end of the camp, I had sampled just about every possible firearm combination available. My favorite being the 50 cal, of course

Thanks again for making this available, Colin and crew! I can’t wait for round two! And three and four. Haha
— Alonzo G Contreras